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Real estate trading is primarily a matter of confidence.


The Delta Property Network meets the highest standards. Each office is governed by the internal directives, the Real Estate Code and the Code of Ethics approved by the Real Estate Union of the Slovak Republic. Our General Terms and Conditions are in line with Council Directive No. 2011/83 / UU of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights, with the legislation of the Slovak Republic.


We provide legal protection through cooperation with renowned law firms. The entire contractual documentation and its possible revision are professionally taken care of.


We are a regular member of the Real Estate Union. The Real estate union brings together quality and professional offices on the territory of the Slovak Republic. Each member has the priority to provide first-class service. In carrying out our activities, we act honestly, in accordance with good morals and honest business relations, always acting in our own name. We always provide services in a professional, conscientious and responsible manner.


Delta Property always manages to secure the trust of the client and those with whom it comes into contact.


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