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Buyer's Agent - What does our professional assistance include?


Market research

We will first examine the market. Based on your requirements and the idea of "filtering" the most suitable offers that are currently available. We have access to offers that are not public, but are often the most interesting.


Professional tours

At each meeting, our certified real estate consultant is perfectly prepared. It will check for you the technical condition and legal status of the property, highlight the positive and negative of each offer.

Negotiation of the purchase price

Success begins with strategy. Contact with the Seller's Agent leave on us. In most cases, based on our experience, we are able to negotiate a better price than the bid price.


Financial service

Thanks to our financial specialist we can help you in choosing a mortgage loan. We will prepare the insurance of real estate and households. We will have the necessary expertise.


Legal protection

The technical state of real estate is important, but the legal state is even more important. Our experienced team, in cooperation with lawyers, will examine the property so that there is no unpleasant surprise. We will take care of the complete contractual documentation. Revision of the Reservation Agreement, Future Contract Agreements, Purchase Agreement is a matter of course.


We will provide the offices for you

We are with you on the day of signing, we go with you to the notary, we check the course. Also, signing backup contracts and purchase contracts has its sequence. We will save you the time you would spend by running the offices.


Until the keys are handed over

In our case, the business case does not end with signing contracts. We assist you with handover, transcription of energy and media suppliers.