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For us, special marketing is a topic in which we are constantly improving. We are always looking for new opportunities for engaging presentation. A quality presentation and advertising campaign is a guarantee of our success. We are one of the few real estate agencies that offer the possibility of marketing real estate in the form of our own website, 3D virtual tour, or filming a property with drone.




When selling or renting, the first impression is very important. The solution is the homestaging service. In short, it is the preparation of real estate for sale with an emphasis on design and effective presentation. People often make decisions based on the first impression a person creates at the very beginning within 7 seconds. Professional photography and video tour then leave a strong emotion in the buyer. And it is the arousal of a positive emotion for the buyer that is the cornerstone of a successful sale of real estate.




Imagine you are a buyer. You are intensively looking for your dream home. There are a lot of sites with a great deal, and so it often happens that the buyer feels over time that he is looking for a needle in a haystack. So he just surfs the real estate offerings and is looking for something to catch him. It is important to "stand out from the crowd". Excellent real estate photos increase the chance of selling the most profitable real estate.

Video tour


Video has become a trend in social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. The offer of real estate also required this type of advertising. Video tour of the property is becoming more and more popular. We draw attention through the video of the property. Our Youtubecanal has over 60,000 views.

Drone video


Photos and video images captured from a bird's eye view provide an attractive form of presentation. We use technology from DJI. Specifically drone DJI MAVIC.

3D virtual tour


3D virtual tour is currently the most modern way of presenting real estate. Properties offered in this form have 10 times more viewership than properties presented only with photographs. The biggest advantage is that you can see the property at any time and from any place.

This saves you time and money. The physical inspection of the property shall be carried out only by the candidate who has a real interest and is perfectly acquainted with every corner of the property.


Own property website


We will prepare a unique website with engaging text about your property that will strengthen our marketing campaign. The property's own website helps you attract leads through Google. You can find the sample HERE.

Social networks


The offer of your property will "flood" the Internet. We will advertise with paid advertising on real estate portals such as, We do not miss social networks Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.