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Financovanie - partner Fincentrum


Success begins with strategy


We also help our clients in the world of finance. Our partner is Fincentrum - the largest financial intermediary company in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.

We offer you a free analysis of your financial situation. We will advise you when choosing the right partner for financing your property. We offer you an independent view and offers of financial institutions.

Financial services for you with free life care. Everything will be handled by our internal financial specialist.


We will help you with the equipment:

mortgage loan

credit insurance

secured credit

real estate insurance

We cooperate with the following institutions:


building societies


supplementary pension insurance companies


When buying real estate, it is used in most cases how it is financed through a mortgage loan. We provide our clients with comprehensive services, so you do not have to worry about choosing a mortgage bank. Our financial specialist will prepare your offer with the most favorable terms. We cooperate with all banks in Slovakia.