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Success begins with strategy

Real estate agency DELTA PROPERTY has long experience in the field of project sales and cooperation with development companies and construction companies. This is evidenced by the number of our implemented projects and current projects.

Every business is handled by a professional team of certified real estate consultants and marketing managers who provide comprehensive services from the initial analysis to the delivery of keys.

How do we progress?



Site and environment analysis

Our first step is SWOT analysis, a strategic planning tool that will help us evaluate the business opportunity in the site. We take into account the site's weaknesses and weaknesses and evaluate the opportunities and threats that the environment offers. All these factors will be used when designing a song, size, and disposition of flats.

Branding, design and marketing

We will give your project a face. We create a unique design that makes us separate from other new ones. From designing logos, promotional items, presentation materials to creating a website with regular SEO optimization. At the retail stage, we use state-of-the-art technology to present. Bringing the project from the birds' perspective through the dron offers an untraditional and attractive view that is currently not made with any other technology. Real estate offered in the form of a virtual 3D tour, which we prepare, has 10 times more viewing than the real estate presented with the help of photos.



Comprehensive legal service

Legal protection and all contractual documentation will be handled by a reputable law firm.





Based on our many years of experience, we will create an advertising campaign to reach the general public. Our marketing team will ensure social visibility and set up a PPC campaign on Google. Daily care for advertising and its regular updating on all real estate portals in Slovakia is a matter of course. We raise public awareness at social events, organize an Open Door Day.


Our partner is Fincentrum - the largest financial intermediary company in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. Mortgage and property insurance equipment is provided by an internal financial specialist.




Based on market research and previous analysis, we help you with pricing and maximize the return on the project. The survey will take into account all possible factors that may affect the price.



With our sophisticated system, we ensure fast and efficient sales. As we are a progressive company covering the entire territory of Slovakia, with an increasing number of branches and real estate consultants, the database of our active contacts, which we can offer the project, is constantly growing. One of our competitive advantages is that we are an active member of the Real Estate Union of the Slovak Republic, the current largest association of real estate brokers in Slovakia. Through the revised rules of cooperation of this organization, we are able to secure the extremely effective so- a syndicated (network) form of sales where more than 700 professionals will be able to offer your project with effective supervision.


Real estate transfer

The next phase of the transaction is the transfer of real estate, where we provide the signature of the contractual documentation, communication with the cadastral office, the notary office and possibly with the financing bank. We will terminate the deal with the buyer by logging.


The whole business process is managed by a professional team that regularly informs you about its progress. In the event of a crisis situation, we are able to respond quickly to changes in the market, adapt to them and design a flexible solution.



Realized developments:


developer BTK invest s.r.o.
developer 1.Staromestská s.r.o.
developer Rovinka Residence s.r.o.
developer MPL House s.r.o.
developer Panoráma Donovaly s.r.o.


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developer MS SIBS s.r.o.
developer Luka & Bramer Group s.r.o
developer PRO V.I.P. s.r.o
developer Security Systems Audit s.r.o