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Do not worry about renting

What does our professional assistance include?



Our real estate consultants compare real-time factors while determining the cost of renting. The result is rental at the highest price that is currently available on the market.


Preparation for rent

The real estate we arrange for rent so that we occupy it in the shortest time and at the highest possible price.


In the world of marketing we are constantly improving. High-quality photos, videos and interesting text for rent is a matter of course. We are still looking for new presentation opportunities. It shows that, as one of the few offices, we offer the opportunity to manage 3D tours or to capture the real estate of the drones. Our stunning presentation and advertising campaign is a guarantee of success.


A member of the Real estate union

If you assign to rent our office - a member of the Real Estate Union of the Slovak Republic, your real estate will be offered to its clients by more than 700 professionals all over Slovakia. So many members are the Real Estate Union of the Slovak Republic, today the largest association of real estate agents and brokers in Slovakia.


Rent without problems

We will arrange a tour without having to invest your time. We are looking for a serious candidate who we can test in advance. We will prepare the Rental Agreement in accordance with the latest applicable laws.


Guarantee of the annual contract!

For those who value their time or do not have the opportunity to check their property regularly, we offer Property Management.