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Property management

Real estate agency Delta Property offers top-level real estate services to its clients. Property Management  saves your time and money.


What does our professional assistance include?


Preparation for rent

When renting, the first impression is very important. We will help you prepare your real estate to enchant every interested person. Such a real estate is definitely more of a preoccupation with a potential client, so we sell it in the shortest time and at the highest possible price.



In the world of marketing we are constantly improving. High-quality photos, videos and interesting text for rent is a matter of course. We are still looking for new presentation opportunities. It shows that, as one of the few offices, we offer the opportunity to manage 3D tours or to capture the real estate of the drones. Our stunning presentation and advertising campaign is a guarantee of success.

Finding a tenant

We will arrange a tour without having to invest your time. We are looking for a serious tenant who we can test in advance. We will prepare the Rental Agreement in accordance with the latest applicable laws.


We take responsibility

From the moment you become our clients, we take responsibility for everything. Carefully store the keys and all documents. We will agree on the tenant check interval and we will arrange to inspect the property status. We are communicating with you with the management company. You will be regularly informed about everything through the report.

Legal service

We will prepare the lease agreement and any appendix under the most recent applicable laws. We carefully keep all contractual documents. We prepare download logs at start / end of the lease. If you think it is appropriate, you can give us a letter of attorney for all the necessary actions.


Financial service

We will pre-inspect the solvency of the tenant. We will ensure that the tenant duly applies the deadline. If you do not have time, we will provide all the payments to the manager and services to the contractor for you. We do not leave anything to chance and therefore we provide high-quality real estate insurance.


Technical management

If necessary, we will provide you with any necessary repairs, reconstructions with your consent. In the stand-by service, our manager is available 24/7, which means that in the event of an emergency, the tenant will not be annoyed. If you wish, after cleaning, we will clean the property with a professional cleaning company. Of course, we will re-occupy your property - we will find a new tenant.


Guarantee of the annual contract!

We guarantee year-round occupation of real estate. Otherwise we will find you a new tenant for free.




Who is the service for?


  • clients who want to invest 100% of their investment
  • clients living abroad, owning real estate in Slovakia
  • clients who are time consuming and want to have their real estate in professional care
  • clients who do not want to have trouble recovering their money
  • clients who do not want to find their apartment destroyed after termination of the lease